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    Orchidea - Family Pension:

    We are offering nicely furnished, climate controlled rooms with minibar and LCD TV that will cater to your every need. We have 4 two bed rooms with the possibility of spare bed. The rooms have bathrooms equipped with shower cabins and hairdryer. The rooms also have double beds, chest of drawers, nightstands, desks and sofas. Every room has a minibar, tv and air-conditioning. The furniture has nice calming materials and colors. The pension is baby-friendly. We are able to provide beds for babies and a baby bathtub.

    Orchidea Apartment houses- Family Apartment houses:

    Since a lot of families come with their children, we have built houses that are capable of housing 3 generations. When building these houses, the main focus was on creating a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Feel like you are at home during your vacation!

    We have 2 big and 2 smaller apartment houses, so all together we can provide 4 houses for our guests.

    All of the houses are equipped with tv, wifi and climate control. The houses have bathrooms equipped with shower cabins and hairdryer. Our apartment houses each have a kitchen equipped with: refrigerator, kettle, stove, microwave oven (grilling and baking function), pots, cutlery, plates, glasses. In the bigger houses kitchens also have a dishwasher.

    Big Houses ( 2 )

    The two, bigger, 60 square meters each, 2-storey, houses have 3 rooms each, and equipped kitchen, is an ideal place for families or groups of friends to stay in. These houses have the capacity of 6+2 people each. These two can be united, also it can be separately booked.

    Smaller Houses (2 )

    These smaller houses are 40 square meters each, however they are differently organized. One of them has a kitchen, living room, two-bed room, bathroom on the ground floor. The 1st floor has one room with 4 beds. So this one is suitable for 4+2 people. The other one has 3 two-bed rooms and 2 bathrooms, so it can host up to 6 people. The ground floor has a living room and a kitchen.

    House of events:

    Family Pansion and Apartmenthouses has also a new building which can be used for events for our guests. The building fits in with the style of the rest of the pension and the inside is discreetly elegant, these make it suitable for more than one kind of event, may that be for recreation, fun or work. A ház 40-50 főig alkalmas családi és baráti rendezvények, ünnepségek megrendezésére, valamint kisebb vállalati rendezvények lebonyolítására! This building has a capacity of 40-50 people for events for families and friends. This building can only be reserved with accommodation

    Accommodation with buffet breakfast:

    A wide range of delicious breakfast dishes in Orchidea Restaurant (200 meters from Family Apartment houses) A selection of cold and warm dishes (cold cuts, cheese, fresh vegetables, freshly baked goods, a wide range of bakery goods, cereals, coffee, tea, breakfast beverages and so on)

    Accommodation with buffet breakfast and dinner, use of wellness department:

    A delicious buffet breakfast and dinner (2 kinds of soups, appetizers, 4 kinds of main dishes with sides, 2 kinds of desserts, fuits and salad-bar) with live music in Orchidea Restaurant, as well as use of the wellness facilities ( indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water, finnish sauna with panorama window, 4 types of infra saunas, fittness room )



    Panzió (SZ1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Normál ár (Szezonon kívül):  5.400,- Ft / fő / éj
    10-14 év között:     3.900,- Ft / fő / éj
    3-10 év között:       2.800,- Ft / fő / éj
    3 év alatt ingyenes

    Főszezoni (06.15. - 08.31.): 8.700,- Ft / fő / éj
    10-14 év között:     5.000,- Ft / fő / éj
    3-10 év között:       3.900,- Ft / fő / éj
    3 év alatt ingyenes

    Kiemelt időszaki ár: 7.600,- Ft / fő / éj
    10-14 év között:     3.900,- Ft / fő / éj
    3-10 év között:       2.800,- Ft / fő / éj
    3 év alatt ingyenes

    Nagy Apartmanház (FA1, FA2)

    (3 hálószoba, 3 db 2 ágyas szoba, 2 fürdőszoba)

    Normál ár (Szezonon kívül): 31.800,- Ft / faház / éj
    Főszezoni (06.15. - 08.31.): 48.300,- Ft / faház / éj

    Kiemelt időszaki ár: 42.800,- Ft / faház / éj

    Kis Apartmanház (FA 3)

    (2 hálószoba, 1 db 4 ágyas és 1 db 2 ágyas szoba, 1 fürdőszoba)

    Normál ár (Szezonon kívül): 21.800,- Ft / faház / éj
    Főszezoni (06.15. - 08.31.): 38.400,- Ft / faház / éj
    Kiemelt időszaki ár: 31.900,- Ft / faház / éj

    Kis Apartmanház (FA 4)

    (3 hálószoba, 3 db 2 ágyas szoba, 2 fürdőszoba)

    Normál ár (Szezonon kívül): 27.300,- Ft / faház / éj
    Főszezoni (06.15. - 08.31.): 41.700,- Ft / faház / éj
    Kiemelt időszaki ár: 36.200,- Ft / faház / éj

    Kis Apartmanház (FA 5)

    (Földszint: franciaágy +fürdő+wc (pótágyazható)
    (Emelet: 1 db 2 ágyas szoba, benne zuhanyzó +konyha, étkező,)

    Normál ár (Szezonon kívül): 21.800,- Ft / faház / éj
    Főszezoni (06.15. - 08.31.): 38.400,- Ft / faház / éj
    Kiemelt időszaki ár: 31.900,- Ft / faház / éj

    Superior Apartmanház (FA 6)

    (1 szoba: 1db franciaággyal + 2 személyes kanapé, 1 fürdőszoba, NINCS KONYHA!)

    Normál ár (Szezonon kívül): 21.800,- Ft / faház / éj
    Főszezoni (06.15. - 08.31.): 37.200,- Ft / faház / éj
    Kiemelt időszaki ár: 31.700,- Ft / faház / éj

    Pótágyon az apartmanokban 7. és 8. fő részére 3.200,- Ft / fő / éj.

    Étkezési lehetőségek az Orchidea Hotel**** Éttermében, 200 méterre az apartmanoktól:
    Svédasztalos reggeli: 1.900,- ,Ft / fő / alkalom.  3-10 éves kor között: 1.000,- Ft / fő / alkalom.
    Svédasztalos ebéd: 1.900,-Ft / fő / alkalom.  3-10 éves kor között: 1.000,- Ft / fő / alkalom.
    Svédasztalos vacsora: 2.700,-Ft / fő / alkalom.  3-10 éves kor között: 1.500,- Ft / fő / alkalom.

    Wellness részleg használat az Orcidea Hotelben****: 2.400 Ft / fő / alkalom

    We look forward to welcoming you!

    More information on:

    Tel.: +36 30 /386 47 22



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Wellness world


Hotel Orchidea awaits everyone wishing to relax with in- and outdoor thermal baths. Thermal water is perfectly suitable for curing locomotive disorders, rheumatic complaints and inflammatory diseases. The pool is supplied from our own 2200 m deep well with a 65 °C hot thermal water that contains alkali-hydrogen and iodide ion. Standing, side and neck massage pools and a jacuzzi serve your regeneration, relaxation and refreshment. A chess table on the water surface you can play chess any time while bathing in the thermal pool Make your bathing experience even more remarkable in the bar next to the adventure pool, where guests are welcome to drink refreshing cocktails and shake specialties. The extended opening hours of the wellness area (0-24) is very popular among hotel guests. In summer the 35-36°C hot thermal water provides relaxation and in winter a water temperature of 37°C makes it possible to  enjoy. Our wellness area is exclusively available to hotel guests. In addition to offering rejuvenation, thermal water also has therapeutical effects.

Finnish Sauna
Sauna is the most perfect place for detoxification while also rejuvenating your body and adding to your well-being. The combination of a steam bath and a cold shower has an excellent detoxifying and revitalizing effect. Our hotel features a unique Finnish sauna with electric stove. The pentagonal cabin is made of knot-free African wood. It offers a superb relaxation after training.
Infrared saunas: sound, light, aroma and herbal therapy cabins.
A state-of-the-art means of therapeutic thermal effect. In the infrared sauna, perspiration is generated already at a comfortable temperature of 35-40°C. This is the only known method to induce general therapeutic effect in a natural way. Infrared sauna helps clean connective tissues and eliminate acidic compounds from the body, thus removing, or at least significantly reducing, pains and rheumatic complaints. Such detoxification of the body serves to ease the painful disorders of locomotive organs, muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and joints as well as chronic diseases that become more common with age. These problems are all attributable to the acidification of the body. Increased temperatures also improve the blood supply to your skin to accelerate faster elimination of wastes and dead cells, resulting in a softer and younger looking skin. The most impressive effect of infrared sauna is the rejuvenation of your skin.
Fitness Room
The fitness room and relaxation area has been established on the floor above the pool area, offering magnificent views over both the thermal pools and the inner courtyard of the hotel. In the fitness room you can use cardio and workout equipment or take part in other fitness programs, such as Yoga, Pilates and Harmony Exercise.

We have a 52-pipe 160-Watt solarium in the beauty salon, with 5 face tanners, air conditioning, aroma and aqua mist. Rate: HUF 200/minute

Wellness and Beauty Treatments
Our hotel offers a wide range of top-quality medical, therapeutic, pampering, and beauty services such as beauty and preventive treatments, relaxation programs and rituals, massage, cosmetics, hair dressing and hair therapy, manicure, pedicure, essential oil solarium. Physical culture is also part of the offers, whether in the form of Yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking or Zumba.
Wellness world
Wellness world
Wellness world
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