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The secrets of the four elements – Water, Earth, Air and Fire – on four floors. Explore - Learn – Enjoy. Uncover the marvels of nature within the walls of a 300-year old former granary, a building of 3 600 m2 floor space, with an exhibition space of 2 000 m2. Excitement, mysteries, countless answers, and a wealth of knowledge await the visitors with more than 50 exhibition pieces. More than just enjoyment. FUTURA is “seriously” good.

All of nature’s respected, admired, barely understood or sometimes feared rules together in one building, up close. Exciting school classes with lasting knowledge – for all ages.

Special event venue, exclusive conference room. Regularly renewed exhibitions, unusual lectures.

Floor of the Water

The ground floor of FUTURA introduces the visitors in a space of 20 m2to natural phenomena for which we would otherwise have to circumnavigate the Earth. Mountains, river valleys, lakes, shipping channels and the sea open in front of us, not only as beautiful landscapes, but also as living, breathing, and not rarely merciless forces of nature following their own rules.

Play with water – On this landscape table all water spaces can be easily traversed with remote controlled ship models. The tsunami generator for example can give you a good feeling – without any risk, yet shockingly – of how a tsunami triggered by earthquakes is born and what it is capable of.

Where have all the ships that disappeared without a trace with crew on board in the Bermuda Triangle gone? At FUTURA, you may get an answer if you observe deep-sea volcanic activity.

The diverse wildlife of the Szigetköz region between branches of the Danube is shown in a system of aquaterraria, where visitors can observe different species from fast flowing, slow flowing, and stagnant waters, and also swamps. With the help of a camera system, an imaginary captain guides us through hidden hollows washed out by the water and tree-trunks in a bathyscaphe researching the Danube, so that hiding crayfish and fish can be observed in real time, from close up.

Floor of the Earth

The displayed items spectacularly show the most important laws of physics related to the conservation of energy, gravity, and the force of inertia.

The Treading labyrinth points out balancing abilities, while the distribution of physical load is shown by the Fakir bed, where you may be able to have a few relaxing moments lying on top of 3955 nails.

Visitors may generate an earthquake, build a house, and test whether the construction would be able to withstand such a natural disaster.

The Wave generator introduces the phenomenon of wave movement. By stepping from tussock to tussock, you may try how well you can walk on an unstable surface.

Visitors also have the opportunity to build vehicles running on alternative fuels. With the assembled solar powered or fuel-cell powered vehicles visitors may also participate in a race.

We may glimpse into the home of one of the world's most powerful animal. Leafcutter ants live in the tropical forests of South-America. In the Ants’ castle living leafcutter ants are scurrying to and from along a stretch of 50 metres allowing an insight into the life of a true superorganism.

Floor of the Air

In the realm of air, the power of the wind to shape the environment is shown by the Sand desert, where sand dunes move and sand avalanches are born every minute.

The magic of sounds – the Whispering mirror makes sounds barely perceptible from close up audible from a distance of 30 metres. The giant organ is a special instrument, whose keys sound real organ pipes.

Physics class without being quizzed, in an exciting way: Jacob’s ladder shows the discharge of high-voltage power lines. You may throw lightnings, if you try Nikola Tesla’s famous transformer.

Visitors may try flying an airplane under life-like conditions. The cockpit of the Boeing 737 is just like on any commercial flight.


Floor of the Fire

The stars and the sky are closest to us in the attic. Where else could you find objects related to astronomy?

The Mobile planetarium invites you to a virtual space trip to the realm of the stars. At any one time, fifteen visitors can wonder at the magical images of the night sky.

Mini Space World models space exploration in a space of 40 m2, and was created based on the plans of physicist Dr. Tibor Pacher. The site of the historical Moon landing, the current experimental landing sites and the planned Moon bases of the future all appear on the landscape table in a realistic, interactive form.

With the help of the famous camera obscura, visitors may witness the process of photography. With the Sun telescope visitors may follow the most recent solar activity.

With a laser gun, we may shoot at meteors and space junk hurtling towards the Earth.


The auditorium of FUTURA named after physicist, engineer and professor Károly Simonyi has seating capacities for 100 persons, and is an excellent venue for science shows and lectures. The science centre can be a special venue for conferences, corporate events, and birthday parties. The temporary exhibition space of 107 m2 lends itself to other events, but the old cellar, or even whole floors of the science centre can be rented on an individual agreement basis.

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Web: www.futuramoson.hu

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