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Special offer

all inclusive
All Inclusive Spring relaxation in Lipót

129 €/person/3 Day 2 Night
all inclusive
Buy two, get one free special offer of January

We gift you with one extra night for free! Begin the year with relaxation! Book 2 nights with All Inclusive catering between 13-18 01. 2019. and  26. 01. and 01.02.2019. we will give you one extra night. Fill up physically and psychically in Lipót, in Hotel Orchidea, have a rest between 7 and 23 hour in our outdoor and indoor pool with thermal water!

155 €/person/4 Day 3 Night
all inclusive
Winter resource in Lipót

Fill up physically and spiritually in Lipót, in Hotel Orchidea****, relax between 7 to 23 in our outdoor and indoor pool with thermal water, and on our massage! Consume healthy and delicious meal, soul warming beverage, in short make your immune system strong! Sometimes all you need is a few days in recreation, after that we are able to wait for the wintery month with full of energy!

125 €/person/3 Day 2 Night
all inclusive
Handball training camp in Lipót

Edzőtáborozzon Lipóton profi körülmények között, a Lipóti Petőfi Sportcsarnok és az Orchidea Hotel**** szervezésében!

Kiváló minőségű, új sportcsarnokkal, nyugodt, csendes környezettel, színvonalas wellness szolgáltatásokkal, igényes gasztronómiával és profi személyzettel várjuk Önöket!


83 €/person/2 Day 1 Night
all inclusive
Football training camp in Lipót

Have your training camp in Lipót and with professional conditions with Lipót Football Centrum and Orchidea Hotel. We are expecting you with great quality artificial grass pitches, calm and quiet surroundings, wellness services, selective gastronomy and professional staff! The surroundings are great because Lipót Futball Centrum is located in the hart of Szigetköz, where there is only peace and quiet surrounding you! There is nothing to disturb the development of a team as our location is perfect for both trainings and relaxing.

83 €/person/2 Day 1 Night

Dream your wedding and we help make your dreams come true!
We undertake the whole organisation of a wedding based on your claims.

all inclusive
Easter resource in Lipót

240 €/person/4 Day 3 Night
all inclusive
15. March long weekend in Lipót
69.900 €/person/4 Day 3 Night
all inclusive
Orchidea All Inclusive Wellness Week

Spend a wellness week in the Hotel Orchidea and we guarantee that you go home relaxed and filled with energy! We await you with outside and inside thermal water pool, Finnish sauna, Infracabins and Fitness room. Consume healthy and tasty food and beverages with our All Inclusive service. Besides the wellness rest we invite you to active relaxation: see the untamed Szigetköz in horse carriage , and see how the Lipóti bread is made in the Lipóti bakery visitors centre.

398 €/person/7 Day 6 Night
Orchidea Hotel**** Lipót
9233 Lipót, Rákóczi u. 42-44.
Tel./Fax: +36 96 674 042
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